What is solidARTy.org?

about2solidARTy.org is a non profit project started by an art enthusiast/journalist who thought of using his “artworld connections” to help raise funds to support initiatives and volunteers that are helping refugees in Eastern Europe. With time we might extend our activity to help other initiatives worldwide.

– Why?

about1Europe is in the middle of the biggest migration crisis since WW2, and Croatia (my homeland), and neighboring countries are struggling with handling the situation. Being at the border of EU, a lot of people are getting stuck on the borders in beyond inhuman conditions. Red Cross and other organizations are just too slow, politicians keep passing on the blame and turning a blind eye, and in the meantime 1,000s of people are literally spending days and nights in the open, sleeping in the mud, with one meal a day (if), treated worse than animals.
The situation is horrible as it is, and with the weather getting colder and more people arriving, it’s only getting worse. This all resulted in random people taking initiative and sharing food, water, medical supplies, clothes, blankets, etc. Battling weather, international laws, border police, mental pressure, etc, these volunteers are literally saving lives on daily basis! I happen to know couple of them that are directly involved and their stories and photos are something thats been haunting me for the last few weeks. For the reference, here are some clips about it:




– What exactly is it for?

about3The idea is to start a website and auction artwork donated by the artists and collectors, with proceeds going straight to Are You Syrious? initiative and similar efforts along the Eastern Europe / Balkan refugee route. They will use these funds to buy what’s needed most cause that can range from water, food, medications, to shoes, diapers, rain coats, tents, depending on the place, weather and people’s condition. (26th of Dec 2016 update) proceeds will now also go to AnayaAid.org, IHH.org.tr or DoctorsWithoutBorders.org.

– How does it work?

  • The artworks listed here are donated either by the artists or the collectors. Please feel free to bid on the ones you like and if you’re winning bidder they will be shipped to you directly from the current owner (we ask you for patience on this matter as we are not a big store with organized stock/shipping crew, but a group of individuals that are trying to help).
  • Payment for the item has to be done via paypal and will be then forwarder either to AnayaAid.org, IHH.org.tr or DoctorsWithoutBorders.org.
  • Aside from financial help, this entire project should generate some media coverage and hopefully reach individuals whose voice matters.

Thank you for your interest and hope that together we can make a difference for these people!

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